Words Crush Quest Answers

Here are the answers to all the Words Crush Quest. This would help to unlock the various new theme level of the game.


Find all hidden Words in Easy BEGINNER-4 – Emit, Item, Mite
Find a pinkish yellow colored fruit name in EASY ADVANCED-14 – Peach
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Find 19 Hidden Words in NORMAL BEGINNER-4 – Area, Fare, Fart, Fate, Later, Late, Leaf, Lear, Rate, Real, Tale, Tall, Teal, Ware, Tare, Tear, Tell, Waft, Wart
Find the a flower name that means love in NORMAL ADVANCED-13 – Peel, Reel, Rose
Find a male Shakespearean character in HARD BEGINNER-3 – Romeo
Find an American musical comedy drama name in HARD TALENTED-6 – Glee
Find a red-brown metal name in HARD EXPERT-15 – Copper
Find 4 letter animal words in EXTREME BEGINNER-4 – Frog, Goat, Hart, Lion
Find a person who attacks and robs ships at sea in EXTREME MEDIUM-8 – Pirate
Find 15 hidden words that contain LL in EXTREME TALENTED-9 – Ally, Dell, Delly, Dwell, Jell, Jelly, Mall, Pall, Pally, Sall, Sally, Tall, Tally, Well, Welly
Find a person who cuts men’s hair in EXTREME SKILLFUL-20 – Barber
Find the name of Germany’s capital in EXTREME VETERAN-15 – Berlin
Find seven 5 letter hidden words that start with SC in EXTREME EXPERT-9 – Scale, Scare, Scarp, Scope, Score, Scrap, Screw
Find The Adverbs of the Place in EASY EXPERT-9 – Here, There
Find 4 letter hidden words that rhyme with cook in VARIETY STEP BY STEP-15 – Catalo, Gook, Look, Rook

Find a gemstone name in VARIETY HARDEST3!-7 – Opal
Find the name of the spirit who lives in Aladdin’s lamp in VARIETY RANDOM-4 – Genie
Find the name of a flightless bird with a long neck in VARIETY THEME-18 – Ostrich
Find the 30 hidden words in VARIETY BIG ON BIG-4 – Bach, Bens, Bine, Bone, Boat, Book, Boot, Cash, Coat, Cone, Coot, Cops, Hash, Hoop, Hoot, Mash, Math, Mine, Nest, Note, Pash, Path, Rush, Sham, Shot, Site, Soap, Tamp, Tens, Tone
Find all hidden words that start with L in NORMAL SKILLFUL-11 – Lace, Lacs, Lase, Leis, Leno, Lens, Less, Lice, Lien, Lies, Lisp
Find twenty five 3 letter hidden words in HARD SKILLFUL-8 – Dor, Dot, Duo, Due, Fet, Foe, Fog, For, Goa, Gor, Het, Hoe, Hop, Her, Hog, Ore, Out, Ret, Rot, Tod, Tor, Toe, Tot, Zee, Zoo
Find 15 hidden words in NORMAL EXPERT-6 – Area, Care, Call, Carl, Coal, Farl, Fare, Feal, Fear, Kale, Lake, Lall, Leak, Lear, Real

Find hidden words that start with O in EXTREME ADVANCED-19 – Outer, Outlaw, Outers, Outride, Outrider


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